Capt.Ron Schurr

Capt.Ron Schurr

Saturday, August 7, 2010

North Florida Fishing Report Aug 2010

Inshore and river fishing has been outstanding the last 2 weeks. Summertime fishing in the backwater creek systems can be challenging this time of year due to massive amounts of baitfish, crabs and shrimp. Even with the abundance of bait, the redfish have settled into more of an ambush mode, rather than chasing bait throughout the creeks. This make catching them easier. Cory S and two buddies had 15 Redfish on one small mud flat drop- off last week. This was an impressive school of Redfish with the smallest fish measuring 25" and two fish were over 28", great fighters.
I have also been catching more Flounder recently. Usually 4 or 5 each trip using mud minnows on jig heads.

The St Johns Inlet has been loaded with oversized Redfish, Tarpon and Sharks. Last Wednesday my daughter and I set out for some light tackle Tarpon fishing. We quickly found plenty of small pogies along the beach behind Hanna Park. We were fishing the pogies on 1/4 oz jigs along the rocks on the south jetty and on Kristen's first cast she was hooked up. Her tarpon only jumped once, then stayed down deep, towing us offshore. After over an hour of battling she landed her first Tarpon. A major accomplishment on inshore light tackle. Great Job!